Local 825 calls for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval of Spectra Energy’s application to expand natural gas pipeline

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SPRINGFIELD, NJ, Feb. 14, 2011 – Construction on a pipeline that would bring clean energy and more than 5,200 jobs to New Jersey should be allowed to begin, according to Local 825 of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Representing more than 6,500 heavy equipment operators in New Jersey and parts of New York, Local 825 is urging federal, state and local officials to approve the project without costly delay.

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Local 825 publishes its new website

Local 825 publishes its new website, addressing the interests of members, contractors, community groups and public officials. The sitel showcases the Local’s capabilities and contributions to our local economies and it establish the advantages employers enjoy when they use our Operating Engineers.

New leadership, new focus for 2011

New leadership, new focus for 2011. Local 825 begins the new year with a drive to restore its role in New Jersey labor initiatives, advocating for new ways to promote employment and informing the business community of its vital contribution to the local economy.

The Port Authority of NY/NJ has announced plans for the Bayonne Bridge Project

The Port Authority of NY/NJ has announced plans for the Bayonne Bridge Project.The thousands of jobs at Port Newark-Elizabeth’s container shipping facility represent a vital economic engine for our region. The Port’s future depends upon an ability to receive larger ships. Port Newark-Elizabeth is among the largest shipping hubs in North America and needs to maintain its competitive advantage. Had the Port Authority chosen not to allow access to these larger ships, countless dollars of economic activity and several jobs might be lost to other competing ports. Read more.

The PurGen One Project will create over 9,000 jobs in New Jersey during construction!

PurGen is an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power plant, with carbon capture and sequestration, to be located in Linden, NJ. Easily available coal arrives by rail or barge and is then converted to a synthetic gas. During this process, harmful sulfur and mercury is safely removed. Carbon dioxide is then separated and safely stored deep under the earth’s surface far offshore.

PurGen will help reduce our state’s dependence on dirty coal plants in and out of New Jersey, helping improve our region’s air quality. PurGen is NOT a coal fired power plant! Is NOT experimental! And will NOT cause air pollution!

To show support for this project, click here to complete an online form and send it to your federal and state representatives.

Take action to support the New Jersey, New York pipeline expansion project

In addition to the thousands of jobs during initial construction phases, many direct and indirect jobs will remain after construction is complete.

We encourage our members and the public to voice support with their elected officials for this project, which affects areas of Linden, Bayonne, Jersey City and Staten Island. To examine the facts and benefits this project will provide, visit the website:www.yesgaspipeline.org.

FERC approves Spectra Energy Pipeline — construction begins!

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) gave final approval of the natural gas pipeline expansion to run through parts of Jersey City and Bayonne and offshore of Hoboken. The approval is the latest in a years-long effort to find an acceptable route for the pipeline and allow work to begin.

The decision was preceded by FERC’s earlier finding that the project would be “evironmentally acceptable.”

That report said the 20-mile pipeline would have “limited adverse environmental impacts” mostly during the construction phase. The plan received final approval by the commission’s board on May 21.

IUOE Local 825 members had supported the pipeline project for more than two years to help meet increased demands for natural gas in our region and provide good jobs for our members.

The Bayonne Bridge raising project is ahead of schedule

According to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the project to raise the roadway of the bridge will be completed earlier than projected. The deck removal portion of the project will be completed by the fall of 2015 instead of the original target of mid-2016.

“Completing this important project ahead of schedule will ensure that our ports remain a vital link to the global economy and the destination of choice for international shippers and cargo,” Governor Chris Christie said.