Some hills are easier to climb than others.

We all know somebody who has had a crisis. Where can you turn when that crisis hits home?

The Local 825 Member Assistance Program (MAP) was formed to help you navigate these various life events. MAP peers have successfully guided hundreds of members and their families to receiving care while protecting their anonymity.

Members Helping Members

Our peers are Local 825 members. They know the proper avenues to take, guiding you and your family to assistance. Through lived experience, training and education MAP peers provide support, resources and/or direction to the right area of experts.

With all the challenges we face, why let it impact your personal, family or work life?

The Local 825 MAP program works independently, as well as together with our Funds, to get the treatment or help needed while staying 100% confidential.

If you are experiencing a work-related or personal crisis, or if you know someone who needs assistance, call (973) 671-6753 or email

Contact us for any reason or for any of the following reasons

  • For personal assistance
  • For materials or resources for yourself or company
  • To schedule a MAP speaker for your safety day
  • To schedule a Toolbox safety talk at your job

Email Us

Email us at

Employers Endorse MAP

Our employers recognize that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. MAP has been working closely with our contractors, effectively getting the word out and breaking the stigma surrounding various issues.

Safety days and toolbox talks can be arranged by any of our contractors, simply by reaching out.

As operators, we take care of our equipment, we should do the same for ourselves. Physical and mental health go hand in hand. This leads to a safer working environment and overall wellbeing.

MAP Representatives Can Help With Issues Related to:

  • Substance Misuse
  • Mental Illness
  • PTSD
  • Emotional Distress
  • Suicide Ideology, prevention & awareness
  • Veteran concernsCalling or emailing Local 825 MAP is 100% confidential. Upon receiving your message, a peer will reach out to assist you.Immediate assistance is available by dialing the 988 crisis line.

Our Mission is to assist members and their families find the right help — in strict confidence — getting them healthy, well and back on track.

If you are experiencing a work-related or personal crisis, or if you know someone who needs assistance, call (973) 671 -6753 or email

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When life throws more at you than you can handle, we have a MAP.