Some hills are easier to climb than others.

Sometimes a crisis hits from left field, when we least expect it. At other times, it builds up little by little. Eventually, it can’t be ignored.

The Local 825 Member Assistance Program (MAP) counselors are here to help you and your family when times get tough.

Members Helping Members

Our counselors are also Local 825 members. Like you, they have faced life’s curveballs. They can feel for you because they’ve felt the way you do. They’ve found ways of dealing with their crises. They can share what they’ve learned with you and they can refer you to the right channels or experts, as appropriate.

 Crises may be related to depression, alcohol or drug misuse, workplace stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the loss of a loved one or even suicidal thoughts. Whether problems are domestic or work-related, they may affect your job performance, safety and security. The earlier issues are confronted, the less likely they will involve employers, disciplinary proceedings or loss of a job.

The Local 825 MAP program can work independently or together with an employer-sponsored Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Some members may prefer to avoid using employer programs over concerns for confidentiality. MAP counselors maintain complete confidentiality while they help find the assistance you need.

Employers Endorse MAP

Another sign of the program’s effectiveness is the willingness of large employers to endorse it. Recently Stavola and Montana Construction Corp. sent letters to make their Operating Engineer employees aware of the program. These employers recognize that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. 

As operators, we take care of our equipment and our tools. Why not treat ourselves the same? Physical and mental health go hand in hand. If we take better care of our physical selves, mental health issues may become more manageable.

MAP Representatives can Help with Issues Related to:

  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Distress
  • Disability Issues
  • Elder Care and Child Care
  • Family Relationship Issues
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Divorce

You may choose from a list of Local 825 MAP counselors. A list of them and their phone numbers are available here. This list may be updated from time to time.

Our Mission is to help brothers and sisters and their families find the right help — in strict confidence — in times of stress.

If you are experiencing a work-related or personal crisis, or if you know someone else who could use a hand, call one of the Local 825 MAP counselors to help guide you to a better place.

If you’re experiencing difficulties that are building up, don’t wait until they become a bigger problem. You can email or call 866-820-9199. Or you may prefer to contact a MAP counselor today.

Local 825 MAP Counselors:



Nicholas Agolio Jr.

(732) 757- 5419

Jon Ahedo

(323) 603-8498

Mike Busichio


Christine Carman

(908) 343- 8008

Heather Coles

(732) 233- 9683

Brian Ferguson

(908) 343- 3018

Joe Grace

(609) 781-2054

Joe Graham

(908) 472-3201

Pat Hjelm

(201) 572-6658

Bill Kaiser

(609) 290-3410

Robert Kangas Jr.

(856) 986- 4914

Chris Lalevee

(732) 770-8485

Mike Makarski

(201) 401-3055

Robert McGrady

(609) 969-0245

Diane Papa

(908) 305-3777

Kelly Raeuber

(609) 992-6000

Jessica Sandberg

(609) 289-9736

Bob Spirito

(973) 985-0035

Latham Tiver

(732) 221-6778

Willie Vaccaro

(908) 413-3458

Matt Walker

(856) 297-4162

Funds Department

Therese Edwards
Rachel Grodsky
Sherry Viso

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When life throws more at you than you can handle, we have a MAP.