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Why pick Local 825?

When construction has to be right the first time -- on time and on budget -- Local 825 consistently delivers the best value.

Local 825 represents heavy equipment operators in the construction industry throughout the state of New Jersey and the lower counties of New York state.

Our history has been forged by men and women who operate machines large enough to grade and landscape the earth, excavate, build skyscrapers and literally move mountains with exceptional skills, pride, professionalism and integrity.

Our primary purpose is to excel at what we do. With our training, experience and our drive, we enhance productivity and build value for our contractors. We do the job right the first time, on time and on budget. In exchange, we ensure that our members are treated fairly and viewed as part of the team.

When there's a multi-ton piece of equipment involved, when construction schedules and performance measures have to be met and when safety is always the driver, the best value will always be delivered by members of Local 825.


Our proud history

Founded in 1896, IUOE today has more than 400,000 members in 138 local unions throughout the United States and Canada.

Read more about the International Union of Operating Engineers.


Proud partner of NJ Task Force 1

Task Force 1Local 825 is a proud partner of NJ Task Force 1 urban search and rescue team.

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Greg LaleveeGreg Lalevee
Business Manager

By being the best, we create jobs and protect our members' needs through better wages, benefits and working conditions.

We invest in our members. We advocate for them in the workplace. In return, they offer commitment to hard work, dedication to being the best and representing themselves with the highest degree of integrity and ethical behavior.

Taken together, these are the hallmarks that set our engineers apart: pride, professionalism and integrity. Read more »

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Latest news

Trustees extend SUB benefits 10 weeks

The Board of Trustees has approved a ten-week extension of supplemental unemployment benefits through the end of the current benefit year, March 31, 2016.

To be eligible for this extension, you must satisfy SUB eligibility requirements, have exhausted 26 weeks of supplemental employment benefits the current benefit year and submit an application and supporting documents to the SUB Department.

For questions, please call the SUB Department at Extensions 6761, 6820 and 6843.


Scholarship applications available now for 2016 high school grads

Visit our scholarships page for complete info


ELEC unveils TV ads showing our 'monumental achievements'

Our labor-management fund, ELEC, is airing a TV campaign to fosten appreciation for the monumental work and achievements of our members.

Watch the spot on, ELEC's website.


MEMBERS: Check out ELEC's new expanded reimbursement program

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Local 825 Business Manager responds to anti-pipeline editorial

Read the Op-Ed published in the Asbury Park Press