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'Real-world' training facilities, equipment and seasoned instructors prepare Local 825 Operating Engineers to deliver skill, safety and experience to today's contractors.

State-of-the-art equipment and seasoned instructors prepare our members, apprentices and journey-level workers for the real world of heavy equipment and how to use it on the job.

With a total area of nearly 60 acres in New Jersey and New York and more than 90 pieces of equipment, we provide three-year apprenticeship courses for operators, mechanics and field engineers. We provide a wide variety of courses to allow members to upgrade their skills on the newest state-of-the-art heavy equipment, simulators and instrumentation.

Current equipment includes a new milling machine to complete a rigorous asphalt-paving curriculum and seven side booms for pipeline training. There's even a new Liebherr tower crane available to complement the already highly acclaimed training program for CCO certification and the New Jersey State crane license.

With everything from heavy equipment operator training, emergency response training, hazardous waste operations, and OSHA training, to full-time, on-location instructors, Local 825's training sites ensure that Local 825 members are the safest, most highly skilled and experienced operators on any worksite.

Local 825's training facilities: 'Better building begins here!'

South Brunswick Training Center
P.O. Box 405
Dayton, NJ 08810
Office: (732) 798-2170
Fax: (732) 798-2175

The New Jersey training facility is located in the central part of the state and serves the needs of members from Cape May to Hunterdon and Bergen counties in the north.

Middletown Training Center
6 Wesley Court
Middletown, NY 10941
Office: (845) 692-3393

NEW Wawayanda Office
96 Bates/Gates Road
Wawayanda, NY 10958
(845) 374-2559
(845) 374-2564 FAX

The Middletown office in Orange County remains open for training as the new Wawayanda office is set to begin construction.

No margin for error on the job

We ensure skill, safety & experience.

Given the enormous power of the equipment in use today, it is critical that operating engineers have the best training available.

At our two outstanding training facilities in Dayton, N.J. (next to South Brunswick) and Middletown, N.Y., our members have access to training on virtually every topic that heavy equipment operators need to stay on the cutting edge.

Full-time, on-location instructors provide everything from heavy equipment operator training, training in emergency response, hazardous waste operations and OSHA requirements to keep contractors supplied year-round with safe, skilled, and efficient operators.